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Building data products requires having the right alignment all the way from engineering and data science through sales, marketing, operations, and client success.

We can help you build the product factory process, org, and governance and assess your current capabilities, as well as assist with hands-on  management for critical initiatives. We specialize in helping evolve product management maturity level based on your company’s growth stage.

Creating business value from data isn’t about finding the best machine learning modeling technique. It’s probing and asking questions, understanding data sources and quality, and determining what outputs will move the needle for a particular use case.

We specialize in both data analysis, from basic analytics to complex modeling, as well as project/program management of larger scale data science initiatives.

Data is a key corporate asset, yet many enterprises have a poor accounting of what data they have, where it comes from, how it should be maintained, and who should be able to do what with it both inside and outside the walls of the company.

We look at data both from the lifecycle and relationship perspective, helping our clients gain a 360-degree view on data governance and issues such as controls, leakage, and regulatory impact.

Sensitivity around data privacy has never been higher: while consumers fret about the loss of control, a drumbeat of press exposes near daily lapses and regulators are sharping their pencils to craft new laws and toughen existing ones.

We assess your current situation through the lens of the law and best practices, and recommend improvements in process, technology, and controls to tighten up your privacy game and reduce compliance and reputational risk.